CQ ZONE: 15      ITU ZONE: 18

Region of Northern Savonia

Landskapet Norra Savolax


Hi and thank you for visiting my homepage. I am 56AT016 (ex-116) operator name is Jarkko, 50+ years old.

I started radio hobby late in 80`s. First SSB radio was Colt 320dx and HAM Concorde 3 without amplifier.

1985 I joined the AT group as same callsign 56AT116 and was active only for short time, then I left the hobby. Long QRT time coming, it was time to start a family.

In 2015 I came back and I started all over again.

2018 I joined back to AT family and here we are.

See you soon, best 73`s

Update: 04/2024

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