How to join us?

Tule mukaan !!

The ALFA TANGO is an international Radio Group of operators (HAM, CB, SWL, BCL, RADIO/COMPUTER). One of the purposes of the Group is to study the propagation and to promote friendly and brotherly relations amongst all people in teh World.

To enter into the association is compulsory to send a list of minimum 30 DXCC countries or 50 AT members worked and confirmed by QSL.

In your membership will be included all group facilities as Directory, free contests, forums, software, etc. etc.

On the Dx-Man Book you will find about 100 pages full of radio infos, geographic lists, DXCC and Most Wanted Coutries lists, Beacons, Oblast, ITU list, Dx-Expedition rules, etc. etc. On the yearly Directory (members list) you can also find many relevand infos on club activities. We remind you that our group isn't a QSL club ! All this material is available via our web site only.

For the third category send just a list of 50 AT's confirmed. All modes and all bands are admitted. For CB'ers only the 11 meters Band is admitted. Only the countries included in the DXCC list are considered valid (see members Book or the DXman Book edited by the club).

In order to obtain 1nd, 1st or S (Super) operator category it's necessary to send a photostat for every country confirmed, or the SD1 form filled by a local AT director. In any casethe Group reserves the right to inspect the original QSL's in order to verify the qualifications.

WARNING: after your membership only the AT call can be used for DX on 11 meters.
If you don't agree please don't send your request!

To remain in good standing with the group it's compulsory to renew every year.